¡Bienvenidos al Centro de Capacitación Misional!

It has now been one week since I’ve arrived at the CCM and I don’t know where to begin! What a week it has been! I love the CCM so much, and I’ve had so many good experiences already!

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my journal to the computer lab, so this my not be my best post ever. But hey, keep your expectations low.
First of all, the CCM is so beautiful. I’m not exactly sure where in Mexico City it is (Mexico City is huge, btw) but it’s surrounded by the city. We can’t go outside, but that’s okay because the CCM is 90 acres of paradise. (Provo only has 30…just sayin)
Anyway, the first few days here were pretty boring, just orientation stuff. I got assigned my compañero, Elder Crook, and he is from Minnesota so Midwest pride, amiright? Also, he is going to the same mission I am after this, Monterrey Oeste, which is awesome!
And the other companions in my district are super cool, Elder McFarland and Elder Behymer. They’re both from Utah; surprise surprise! jajaja We also have five sisters in our district and they are great, from Utah, too. We have a lot of fun together, and I’m really blessed to be with such nice, funny, smart, spiritual people. We get to go to the Mexico City temple today, which I’m super pumped for.
The comedor is pretty good. The food isn’t necessarily authentic; it’s basically mexican cafeteria food. At lunch and dinner they always have salad, fruit and beans, and sometimes rice and chips. Last night, tho, we got some Costco pizza! Two thumbs up.
My classes have been good so far! I’m a little ahead of some of the other missionaries in my district, but I still have a lot to learn.
If anyone wants to send me a letter, you can send an email to letter@mtcmexicocarepackage.comand have my name (Elder Roberts) as the subject. That would be really cool because we only get to check our email once a week!
This post is probably really boring, but honestly I’m having such a great time! I’m always busy and I am so happy! Honestly, I’ve never felt the spirit in this way before. I love being a missionary!
¡Hasta Luego!
Elder Roberts
p.s. the pictures really do not to justice to how beautiful this place is!

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